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Green Deal

How the Green Deal works

You can make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front through the Green Deal.

Energy-saving improvements include:

  • insulation – eg loft or cavity wall insulation
  • heating
  • draught-proofing
  • double glazing
  • renewable energy technologies – eg solar panels or wind turbines

What you need to do

  • Get an assessment of your property to see what improvements you can make and how much you could save on your energy bills.
  • Choose a Green Deal provider to carry out the work. You discuss with them what work you want done and whether the Green Deal is right for you.
  • If you go ahead with the improvements you must sign your Green Deal Plan – this is a contract between you and the provider stating what work will be done and how much it will cost. The provider will then arrange for a Green Deal installer to do the work.
  • Once the work is done, you’ll pay off the money in instalments through your electricity bill.
  • If you’re a landlord, you must get your tenant’s permission before you sign up, and if you’re a tenant you must get your landlord’s permission to sign up – this also applies to social housing.


All Green Deal organisations must be authorised – look for the quality mark.

More information

Get more information about the Green Deal.

Energy Saving Advice Service

0300 123 1234 
Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm Saturday, 10am to 2pm

Energy Saving Scotland

0800 512 012 
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
 Saturday, 9am to 5pm


Goslin & Co advise with UK Building Regulations including supporting information for Sustainability statements, Code assessments and Appendices for Planning Compliance. We also provide a design service visualising your project  with planning and building regulation drawings and with the eco-designer add-on  for Archicad this includes 3 dimensional visualisation.