EPC SAP and SBEM Domestic and Commercial Energy Assessment Consultancy


The NHER rating takes into account the local environment and the effect it has on the building’s energy rating. The NHER calculates the costs of space and water heating as well as cooking, lights and appliances. This is why NHER calculations are more accurate than SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations.

The NHER can only be calculated using computer software as supplied by National Energy Services (NES). It first emerged in 1983 at the Energy World Exhibition in Milton Keynes, and later the Government used a simplified version of this model which could be calculated by hand. This became known as SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure).

The NHER was conceived as a rating with as scale of 0.0 to 10.0. 0.0 being poor, 10.0 being excellent.


What is SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure)?

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the Government’s recommended calculations system for the home energy rating. The SAP energy cost rating is based on energy costs for space and water heating only. A SAP rating is required for all new build dwellings and those which are undergoing significant material alteration (such as the addition of an extension to the dwelling). Housing Associations and Councils which own stock are all required to submit average SAP calculation figures for their regions so that Government can monitor the amount of energy used, and associated carbon emissions, from domestic dwellings in the UK.

The newest version of SAP is ‘SAP 2009′ published by the BRE. It has a scale of 1 to 100 +. 1 being very poor, 100 being excellent. A typical SAP for an average house in England is about 45. A ‘SAP 2009′ rating on a house built to the new Part L1A 2010 building regulations would be closer to 80-100 or more SAP calculation points.

Goslin & Co advise on UK Building Regulations including supporting information for Sustainability statements, Code assessments and Appendices for Planning Compliance. We also provide a design service visualising your project  with planning and building regulation drawings and with the eco-designer add-on  for Archicad this includes 3 dimensional visualisation.