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Feed In Tarifs

If you generate your own electricity (eg with solar panels or a wind turbine) your energy supplier might pay you money. This is called a ‘Feed-in Tariff’ (FIT).

How the scheme works

You’ll get a set amount for each unit (kilowatt hour or kWh) of electricity you generate. The rates vary depending on:

  • the size of your system
  • what technology you install
  • when your technology was installed
  • who put the technology in place – you need to use acertified installer

Contact installer companies or an electricity supplier for more information. You can receive payments from your current energy supplier, or you can choose a different one from the list of registered suppliers.

The export tariff – selling surplus energy

As well as the generation tariff, you can also sell any extra units you don’t use back to your electricity supplier. This is called an ‘export tariff’.

You’ll get 4.5p per unit of electricity:

  • for solar panels where you applied for FIT on or after 1 August 2012
  • for other technologies where you applied for FIT on or after 1 December 2012

If you applied for FIT before these dates you’ll continue to get 3.2p for each unit of electricity.