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Building Surveying

Measured Surveys
Prior to the commencement of building works, or as a basis for proper management of a building, collection of buildings or an estate, Goslin & Co undertake a measured survey and preparation of existing drawings.
The drawings may be comparatively simple, identifying the positions of walls, partitions, windows and the like, or more complex to include identification of structural materials, service pipe routes, power outlets and the like.
We can provide example survey drawings for potential clients on request.
Condition Surveys
A condition survey is usually commissioned prior to the purchase of a building or prior to the signing of a lease. Its purpose is to establish the condition of the building so that any existing defects and their repair costs are identified prior to a commitment being made.
We also try to point out the disadvantages of construction and to identify possible future defects (although we cannot guarantee to identify all future defects!).
We carry out the following types of survey.
Commercial, industrial or retail – full surveys are usual prior to purchase or lease.
Pre-refurbishment surveys – usually for social housing or schooling, where conversion or refurbishment is planned.
Residential Building Surveys – full condition surveys are undertaken on a selective basis. We can deal with larger houses, historic buildings and smaller domestic properties.
Definition of a Building Survey
A Building Survey is suitable for all residential properties and provides a full picture of their construction and condition. It is likely to be needed if the property is, for example, of unusual construction, is dilapidated or has been extensively altered – or where a major conversion or renovation is planned. It is usually tailored to the client’s individual requirements. The report includes technical information on construction and materials as well as details of the whole range of defects, major to minor.
As compared to a Homebuyer’s Report which deals with conventional houses, flats, bungalows, etc. in apparently reasonable condition.
It is essentially an Economy package presented in a standard form
to assist the client to:
(i) make an informed judgement on whether or not to proceed;
(ii) decide whether or not property is a reasonable purchase at agreed price; and
(iii) assess urgent and significant matters before exchanging contracts
It focuses on urgent and significant matters
The valuation is an integral part of the HOMEBUYER Service and not provided as an agreed extra as per the Building Survey.
The form of the Homebuyer’s Report is compact with a fixed RICS/ISVA format.
The Building Survey report is usually much longer, in a surveyor’s format.

Dilapidations (and Repairing obligations)

Advice and preparation of schedules and negotiating claims whether for landlord or tenant
We are able to advise the parties at the critical stages of entering into the lease and towards the closing stages as a terminal schedule of dilapidations should be anticipated. We aim to provide the optimum solution on behalf of our clients through the process of negotiation.
We can also advise on Boundary and Party Wall Disputes.

Building Defect Diagnosis
Investigations and reports and recommendations for repair.
Goslin and Co Ltd can act as independent advisors in diagnosing such problems as:
Roof problems
Poor building work
Inadequate materials
Dry rot
Rising damp

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